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Welcoming You Safely : Our Covid Measures.

Your safety is of paramount importance to us.

Consequently, we are following government and all other association guidelines to keep you as safe as possible.

The most significant measures we have introduced are

1. A date and timed pre-booking system which provides 15 minute arrival slots. If you are running late, please advise us as soon as you can. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU ARRIVE LATE FOR ANY REASON, WE WILL ACCOMMODATE YOU AS SOON AS WE CAN SAFELY DO SO.

2. Multiple sanitizing points have been installed throughout the building

3. The frequency and depth of cleaning has been increased.

4. Our staff will be temperature checked every day

5. Our cafe will only offer a grab and go Takeaway service until catering guidelines are relaxed. To keep everyone safe we respectfully ask ALL visitors to

7. Pre-book your visit

8. Wear face masks at all times inside the building

9. Adhere to social distancing rules

10. Sanitise hands regularly

11. Refrain from touching any exhibits

12. Read our welcome guidelines carefully on arrival

13. Comply with all requests made by our staff.

We are very excited about taking you on "The Great British Car Journey" and look forward to seeing you soon.

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We feature over 100 British Classic cars, from the days of the Austin Seven up to the latest McLaren.

You'll be guided by the latest interactive technology, with fantastic activities for children and a great café where you can relax after your remarkable tour through time.


Fully interactive with audio-visual guide, celebrating Great British Innovation, with over 100 carefully selected cars, from Austin Seven to Metro and Beyond!

Pioneers, Entrepreneurs, Industrialists: Their Story, including Austin, Morris and the empires they built.


Pull out the choke, turn the key and take a trip down memory lane! Dad’s Car, Mum’s car, Your first car... Drive Dads The Classic Car Driving Experience

The Great British Car Journey:
Celebrating Britain’s contribution to popular motoring

Over 100 carefully chosen vehicles tell the story of The British Motor Industry on an interactive journey spanning the last 100 years.

Guided by an audio-visual tablet, visitors will meet the two founding fathers of the industry: Herbert Austin and William Morris whose vast manufacturing plants in the Midlands produced millions of cars which were exported all over the world. British cars heralded a global transport revolution mobilising billions of people.

Now that era has passed: cars have become as reliable and disposable as a domestic appliance and the industry has become globalised and centred in the East. China is the world’s largest car manufacturer whilst Japan leads the export race which was once a British preserve. Austin, Morris and many other British brands have long since disappeared but now they have experienced a renaissance in the Derbyshire Dales.

From the legendary Austin 7 to the magnificent Mini this is the story of engineering, enterprise and endeavour which for a brief period saw British cars rule the road.

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