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Pull out the choke, turn the key and take a trip down memory lane! Dad's Car, Mum's car, Your first car... or the one you always wanted? Over 30 British Classic cars from 1935 to 1995.

Aided by an expert instructor you will drive the car on a closed road course on a 6 mile journey. You will have less power than your current car and the brakes and steering will require more effort than you are used to. The radio (when fitted) will probably only work intermittently and if you have any cassettes please bring them with you!

You will not want to drive fast and we don't want you to either!

Your car will have been built in Britain some time in the last 80 years and will hold memories which your drive will reawaken. For many it will be an iconic Mini over 5 million of which were sold between 1959 and 2000... but it might be an Allegro, a Cortina or an Escort: Britain's best selling car of the 1980's. Our cars are all low mileage or restored machines in tip-top condition and your personal trip down memory lane will be forever captured by on-board digital film and photography.

All Drive Dads Car Experiences include free admission for the driver to "The Great British Car Journey" exhibition where you can browse 100 years of British Motoring History in a warm glow of nostalgia. Spectating members of your party are very welcome and will gain concessionary access to the Exhibition which includes a cafe and gift shop.

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